Posted on by Saffrine Nydegger

SILK MODAL 85% Modal 15% Silk

These images are a collection from many I have captured as I have travelled around the world as a professional photographer. We have transformed them from film to Silk Modal in our exciting new Artwrap collection. They are vivid and fun, while capturing the essence of some of most adventurous places and cultures of the world. We have many different exciting travel images from Mongolian Wrestling, Monasteries of Bhutan, the glowing Goldern Temple in Kyoto, Japan, Akhal-Teke horses in Turkmenistan, to the top of the world of Mount Everest. They are a multi functional wrap that can be used as a practical winter warmer, cooling summer shade, or a talking point over your next outing with friends. They are feather light, soft and comfortable and can travel with you everywhere and are suitable for any occasion.

What is Silk Modal?

Silk Modal is a blend of silk and mainly natural beechwood tree fibres. The Silk fibre adds a brilliant sheen that only silk can provide. It has a shimmering delight and is one of the few most luxurious fabrics in the world.

Modal is made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. Cellulose fibres come from plant or plant-based materials, and in the case of Modal, comes from the wood fibres taken from beech trees that are pulped into liquid form and forced through tiny holes to make the super fine fibres, which is then woven to make the soft Modal fabric.

The Silk Modal blend combines the best of both these fabrics making our Artwraps not only shiny and soft but durable as well.

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