FOUNDED by an Australian professional photographer who has travelled the world capturing photos in some of the most exotic and far reaching places on earth.

INSPIRED by global travel, unique cultures and the extraordinary images which capture their beauty and essence. 

DESIGNED by our founder “Saffrine”, who boldly took the first step on an intrepid journey of discovery and who has freely weaved her designs as she has her life, with thoughtful creativity, flowing folds, smooth turns and photographic stories of visual artistry.

CREATED ethical fashion with natural fibres such as silk, bamboo, modal, organic cotton, cashmere, and other quality fabrics which have been responsibly sourced to help preserve the amazing planet from which they come.

HAND MADE in our studio by a small team of boutique craftspeople with wonderful creative souls, who skilfully bring to life, with quality and precision, our multi seasonal collections made to travel well with durable, tactile and elegant fabrics.

WORN by those who appreciate ethical fashion, quality, versatility, modern style, and comfort.  Be it for work or play, beach or bar, clothes by Saffrine make a statement of beauty, sophistication, fun and adventure for those who dare to LIVE BOLD and LIVE FREE.

SAFFRINE is the brand. SAFFRINE is the person.